" Minor League Soccer is here in Chicago. The Bridge of Chicago, IL & Athens, Greece has been created through our partnership with FIFA Licensed Agency "First Eleven "- A true path to professional soccer.

We would like to announce that Panathinaikos Chicago is in the process of creating an Under 20 Academy. We have expressed our interest with our partners (NPSL) of joining there U19 program. Developing local Chicago talent into our NPSL Mens First team is one of our important longterm objectives.

Our connection with Panathinaikos Athens FC increases as our work is being recognized by the Division 1 Professional Club.

Our Academy Director - Denny Chronopoulos recently was invited by Panathinaikos Athens FC Management to an official Panathinaikos Soccer School 3 Day seminar November of 2020 .

Denny has the network and experience to take our program to the next level. He has expressed the importance of developing local talent and most importantly creating an Under 20 Academy to fall behind our professionally operated Mens Team."


For any academy inquiries - you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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