As of July 13th, Panathinaikos Chicago have appointed UEFA B' Licence holder - Giorgos Papadopoulos as the new Head Coach.

While Trevor McGrann was the current Interim Coach for our 1st month of preseason - He will now be an assistant coach to Giorgos Papadopoulos.

Giorgos has played for 1st division Greek Club Aigaleo FC and 2nd division Greek Club Ionikos FC;

Giorgos has also played outside of his native country of Greece for 1st division Luxemburg club Union '05, 2nd division Polish Club Winzew Łódź FC and 3rd division Spanish Club Merida FC.

Aside from his over-qualifying experience - Giorgos speaks fluent Spanish and Greek which is huge key factor for the club.

The board of Panathinaikos Chicago would like to wish him goodluck for this upcoming challenge! 

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